Upgrading your PHP version

WordPress has recently moved towards making the minimum version of their supported PHP 7.x — updating PHP on Fused couldn't prove easier. In addition to the performance benefits (upwards of 250%), there's the advantage of being on a supported PHP version from a security standpoint. If you haven't taken the time to upgrade yet, there's no ... En savoir plus »

20 sept 2019
No News is good News

We changed out ticket system, but that should not affect you in any way.

31er oct 2018
WHOIS Changes

Beginning December 1st, 2016, changing WHOIS details for a domain name via our client area will result in a domain name being locked for 60 days preventing transfer to another registrar. ICANN instituted this policy to prevent domain name theft, and, we think it's a step in the right direction as far as abuse is concerned. During the 60 day ... En savoir plus »

8 déc 2016