Account contacts & Sub-accounts

Adding users as a contact/Sub-account within our client area assures us that they're submitting legitimate requests. This helps prevent us from having to second guess your teammates, webmasters, support personnel or anyone else that is legitimately allowed to submit requests on your behalf, or, get copied on communications from us.

The difference between a contact & a sub-account is that the former will not be able to login to the client area on your behalf using their own details, disallowing them from ordering new services & performing various functions. 

Adding a new contact/Sub-account

  1. Simply login to our client area at
  2. Navigating to 'Update your details > contacts/sub-accounts'.
  3. There, you can plugin a new contact & check off the particular emails they'll be carbon-copied on.
  4. Save changes to then add them as a contact.

Removing a contact/Sub-account

  1. Navigate to 'Update your details > contacts/sub-accounts' within our client area.
  2. Select the contact you wish to remove in the dropdown list, and hit 'go' (Note: they may already be selected, you can skip the 'go' part if so).
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Delete contact'.





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